Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Hours!

Hi Friends! Happy Friday!

Starting today, Gus & Ruby Letterpress will now be open until 8PM on Friday and Saturday evenings!

Come see us on your way to dinner, or on your way back from a drink on the decks. We'd love to see your bright and smiling faces. Happy start of summer!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Promotion: 10% off all designs by Jessica Tierney for Bella Figura!

Now through the end of June, Bella Figura is offering 10% OFF any invitation order based off of a design done by their designer, Jessica Tierney.  Now, all of Bella's designers are top-notch, but Jessica is truly a gem. Her 40+ designs are always top sellers and huge hits with our brides and grooms.

And, remember, we can customize to your heart's content by changing fonts, colors, shape, even motifs! So, 10% OFF amazing designs + freedom to make them perfect for you = what's not to love?

Check out a few of Jessica's designs below, the full lineup here and then call or email to make an appointment with us to get started!

(All photos courtesy of Bella Figura)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bella Figura & Smock now offering digital guest address printing!

You all know that we just love working with our friends at Bella Figura & Smock. They have such a huge range of designs between all the albums, offer incredible embellishments and amazing customization options. 

They are already some of our favorite albums to show and work through, so it is simply icing on the cake when they recently announced a brand new feature: digital guest address printing

We are absolutely thrilled to be able to offer this hugely helpful option to all our fab brides and grooms and party-people. You can have your guests' names and addresses printed directly on the front of your invitation envelopes and use fonts & colors to match the overall look for a totally cohesive feel. What a stress-free and convenient way to tackle addressing, right?
Call or email us today to make an appointment to come see the Smock and Bella Figura albums yourself and learn more about this awesome new option.