Wednesday, February 29, 2012

travel tins from Aquiesse

Afternoon guys and gals!

Liz here, settled back in after a quick trip down to Jacksonville, Florida this past weekend. Getting back to work yesterday was crazy, but now that I've had this snowy day to get caught up, I wanted to share a little tidbit that I thought terribly appropriate and on topic: travel tin candles from Aquiesse.

Now, I am a firm believer in packing light when traveling (although I still am not always the best at putting that belief to practice, I try my hardest, but sometimes I just can't pare back my pile of clothes - and who can ever decide as to whether bringing sneaks along is a good idea?! ) But lately, I have been thinking about how difficult it must be for people who travel regularly for work to get settled and comfortable in a new place when staying overnight. My epiphany moment came a few hours too late when I realized yesterday on the plane ride home that I should really start traveling with one of our Aquiesse mini-tin candles. These are the perfect size for a quick trip, and the comforting scent of home gets your room all yummy smelling while you're settling in for a night of (hopefully) restful sleep. Plus, if you're visiting your boyfriend in humid and sticky state of Florida, for example, sometimes your boy can use a little room freshener, don't 'cha know!

We'll have all of our favorite Aquiesse scents back in the shop first thing next week - so to put the bee in your bonnet: if you have any plans for traveling soon, you should try my idea. Pick up an itty-bitty 100% hand-poured soy candle here at Gus & Ruby and enjoy that scent you love at home and when you're in some hotel cross-country!

Lots of love from this snowy little street on the seacoast,
xo Lizzy

Monday, February 20, 2012

prospective vendor...

Sent an email to the lovely Miss. Leah Duncan this past weekend to see if she'd be interested in selling her goodies here at Gus & Ruby Letterpress this Spring. Her color palette is so rich and beautiful, and I can't lie that I'm swooning over her prints and pillow cases - the organic forms and straight lines of pattern are just perfection if you ask me!

I think she'd be a great addition to the shop, don't you?

And if that's not enough, I may or may not be completely over-the-moon with her play on these little mountain-top triangles in duplicate - check out a quick cell shot of the newest window display here at the shop to see what I mean :)

Keep your fingers crossed that we have good luck!!
Lots of love on this sunny Monday!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hey Superstar!

Friday is here (AGAIN!) and doesn't it just feel like the winter is passing right by us! I have the front door of the shop opened right now - what?!!! I am also shocked that the calendar is reading February 17th and I'm getting a little jazzed up about the nearness of Spring and Summer :)

So for all of you who are as excited as me - because it's almost the weekend and the weather is so spectacular - please take this as a hand-typed snail mail notice to you:

(photos courtesy of here)
"Hey Superstar!

Congrats for making it through the week (again)! You rock my socks and I hope I get to see you this weekend :)

Lots of Love, Lizzy"

I mean it. Great work!!
xo L

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Morning after Valentines!!!

Hi there guys and gals!

Hope this finds everyone happy and well, rested and back to the grind after a sweet valentines day?! We were so happy to see SO MANY of our friendly neighbors out and about town yesterday picking up cards for their loved ones. Ahh, the perks to working downtown and being able to run out last minute on your lunch break on Valentines ;)

We are totally, neck deep in the grind of wedding invitation season, but I wanted to take a quick minute to share a little something totally rad and extremely awesome with you today!

I have dreams sometimes, of all of the things that I would do in another life (or in this life, if someone would just figure out a way to add like, 12 hours onto every working day). I am convinced that if I had the chance, I would try to become a French street artist.

Reasonable dream... I think so!
What do you think? Do you think I could ever be as incredible as these two?
I mean really. They're so flipping awesome!

Be back Friday with some in-shop product love.
Lots of friendly wishes to you!
xo Lizzy

Saturday, February 11, 2012

who do you love?

Have you gotten yourself a valentines card to give to your lovey-dovey snuggle bear?

Hope so - because our cards are gettin' snagged off the card wall quicker than you can say letterpress love letter (5 times quickly). Try it - it's difficult to do. Sort of like it's hard to decide between these valentines gems:

If you haven't come round for your cards yet, you have 4 days technically. 4 days.
Better get to it ;)


Friday, February 3, 2012

NH Chronicle piece to air again tonight!

Hi folks,
Just got word that our NH Chronicle segment will be airing again tonight (Friday, Feb. 3) on WMUR at 7pm! If you missed it last time around (some of you didn't realize it was New Hampshire Chronicle), now's your time to catch it. If you want to read the story about how they found us, click here. And if you aren't local and would still like to view the segment you can watch it online here.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

unlikely valentine...

Happy Thursday guys & gals!

Wanted to share a few non-traditional valentines day cards today. Thought they'd give you all a good laugh and give you a little motivation to think outside of the box for your valentine this year :)

We love these letterpress greeting cards from Dude & Chick Letterpress because they're fun and funky, and the perfect way to say I love you in just the right tone to just the right person.

See what I mean? Write a sweet note that's personal and full of fond memories in one of these suckers and you're sure to have your lovebug smitten.

Pair your card with a yummy Sydney Hale candle for him to burn by his bedside, or a beautiful Rifle Paper print for her to brighten up her bathroom and then you're in for some serious lovin'

:) If you can believe it, I may have more up my sleeve tomorrow. I know - ridiculous!
Happy Thursday pals xoxoox