Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gus & Ruby Letterpress to be featured on NH Chronicle

For those of you who are fans of our Facebook page and/or follow us on Twitter, you already know that we wrapped up part 1 of a 2-part interview with Tiffany Eddy from WMUR TV's New Hampshire Chronicle series last night. Samantha and I are just giddy with excitement and can't believe how lucky we are that this literally fell right in our laps. Here's how:

WMUR sponsors an amazing organization called AbilityPlus, a group of volunteers that offer ski lessons to people with physical and/or mental disabilities, and each year they (AbilityPlus) host their annual fundraising event on the first Saturday in January at Waterville Valley. The WMUR news staff pulls out their ski gear and heads north for a day filled with skiing and an evening focused on raising money. The founder behind AbilityPlus is A.K.'s (my husband's) aunt, Kathy Chandler, and since 2004 A.K. and I have been attending the event every January (except for last year when Sam and I literally worked 7 days a week). It's so much fun to ski race with the WMUR staff and 2 years ago we were lucky enough to have sports anchor, Jamie Staton on our team. Not surprisingly, Jamie was super competitive and gave A.K. and I a huge pep talk at the top of the hill about giving it our "all" on the slopes. As if we would give anything less. This year we didn't have a WMUR "celebrity" on our team, but I had the pleasure of chatting with (and racing against) most of the staff.

We had a blast skiing, but only lasted until about 1 o'clock when our legs started to feel like jello and I had a hard time believing that I used to ski top-to-bottom runs all day long, all winter long. At 28 years of age am I allowed to complain about getting old?

Anyways, Saturday evening we changed into our fancy clothes and headed to the WV Conference Center for cocktails and a silent auction followed by dinner and a live auction. Sam and I were thrilled to be able to contribute this year by making a donation for personalized, letterpress stationery and I set up a small display showcasing some of our favorite designs. I was nervous nobody would bid on it, but luckily there were a few interested folks who hovered around our item. One of those folks was the lovely Tiffany Eddy, host of NH Chronicle! Apparently she is a huge stationery fan and began asking A.K. (who was thankfully replenishing our stack of business cards) all kinds of questions about our business. Of course A.K. launched into the whole story explaining how I am a third
-generation letterpress printer and that I still use my grandfather's press from the early 1900s, and on and on. From across the room I could see A.K. having a very detailed conversation with somebody (embarrassingly, I didn't recognize Tiffany) and I made my way over to save him from the conversation... not that he needed saving. A.K. loves to chat. I stepped in at the right time because Tiffany had just been telling him how she thought Gus & Ruby Letterpress would make a fabulous story for Chronicle. My jaw dropped. I was speechless. She kept on talking. They had a story fall through that they had been scheduled to film on Tuesday (1/11 - only 3 days away from our conversation) and wondered if we would be available to fill that spot. That was a no brainer, of course! I told her I'd be wherever she needed me to be at whatever time. Anything to be on Chronicle.

So the rest, as they say, is history.

We have one more segment to film at the store (yesterday was focused on the printing and history) and then they will begin editing. We are so very excited (in case you couldn't tell) and will be sure to blog, tweet and facebook as soon as we have the air date!

Thank you so much for all of your support; we are lucky girls. If you want to read more about AbilityPlus and how you can get involved, click here.

{Athlete Jen Rosenthal with her ski partner/guide, Chris Saloman. Pretty rad, right? Photo by Dean Haymes}

Happy snow day!

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  1. SO excited for you girls!!!
    Can't wait to watch!!