Monday, May 17, 2010

A sweet giveaway!

(This is Cyd. Isn't she pretty? Photo from The Sweetest Occasion)

Greetings from NYC!! Whit and I are in the midst of a fabulous trip to New York for the National Stationery Show. We're having a blast meeting friends, old and new, and shopping up a storm. Dear amazing customers, get ready for AWESOMENESS heading to the store in the coming weeks and months. Woot woot!

As if that's not enough of a thrill, Cyd, the genius behind The Sweetest Occasion blog (one of our absolute
must-reads!) and a member of the amazing Smock team, asked us to guest post while she did her thing at the Smock booth during show week. Of course, we happily and nervously accepted. Duh.

In honor of this past Mother's Day (we love our moms - hi Mom! hi Becky!) and because we love babies, we're offering a fab birth-announcement giveaway on The Sweetest Occasion. Hop on over, check it out, then jump back here to enter.

TO ENTER: leave a comment on this post describing your dream nursery or your source of inspiration for a custom birth announcement. Entries are due by 8pm EST this coming Friday (May 21) and we'll announce the winner on The Sweetest Occasion on Monday (May 24). Hooray! We can't wait to see what you dream up.


  1. For a birth announcement, I think it would be cute to have a before-and-after side-view silhouette of Mom with a round belly, then straight-line Mom with a baby silhouette.

  2. My dream nursery would have beautiful expresso colored furniture that will grow as baby grows (convertible crib, dresser that will last a lifetime, etc...), and a muted color for the walls with a brighter color for a stenciled decorative boarder (about crib height) matching the bedding. The inner walls of the closet would also be painted in the brighter color. On the dresser, I would like to have a removable changing topper and have antique jars with things I'm going to need for the baby and changing. Oh I could go on and on. I have been thinking about this a lot since we're trying to get pregnant. Fingers crossed.

  3. I'm expecting my first in November and if it's a boy, we hope to do an airplane theme with the nursery. My husband loves planes and has been collecting the small planes from airlines since he was a little boy himself (his father used to travel all over the world for work and would bring them home to him). I am obsessed with letterpress myself, so I think planes+letterpress for our birth announcement would be the perfect mix!

  4. ooooh!! I love this ! My dream nursery is would be something very neutral, white walls, possibly one accent wall in chalk board paint. A white crib, antique dressers with fun knobs! Lots of color brought in with painted chairs, baskets with toys, cute floating shelves on the walls! I love ducks so I dont want a duck theme, but just cute ducks scattered around! I think thats it :o)

  5. I'm loving this print from ink+wit.

    What a great color scheme to build on for a nursery: yellow, grey, and the perfect shade of light blue!

  6. What a wonderful giveaway! I’m entering for my sister who is having her baby any day now and she absolutely adores letterpress. As a designer myself I would design her birth announcement after the owl stuffed animal her husband gave her when they first found out they were expecting. It is made of all different vintage fabrics with bright patterns and various textures. It would make an adorable birth announcement and hold special meaning.

  7. I'd love to win some fun letterpress announcements for my friend that is expecting. It would be cute to match the light green and chocolate brown colors of the nursery and safari animal theme to the announcements.

    email: michellealow(at)gmail(dot)com

  8. If I could do any nursery I wanted, it would be filled with all things books - old, new, stories from around the world, and family history from many of our generations. There's so much you can do with a book theme - besides using books artistically and functionally, you can decorate with the stories inside your favorites! How awesome would it be to read your child a story, let him touch and play with the book, and then help him see the story with pictures or vinyl characters posted on the wall? It's like taking his pure, youthful imagination and making it a reality that surrounds him at all times.

    carriedyoung {at}

  9. My dream nursery would be for a little boy - think Hemingway meets Donald Drapper ... a little African safari combined with mid-century modern. I would avoid all things tacky like the plague, definitely no decals or words on the walls for my baby boy! I would love to incorporate a sense of family history by having old family photos matted and framed. The bedding and drapery would be custom made from organic cotton and vintage fabrics by my MIL {owner of joan durocher baby: jdbaby}

  10. My husband and I are having a baby ... our first! I am almost to Week 14 and am excited thinking of what each week will bring ... I have been dreaming of what our nursery will look like and think I would like to have a more eclectic style ... a little modern, little traditional, global feeling ... and, possibly the style would work for a boy or a girl since we're hoping to have more than 1 child! I want the nursery to be a reflection of us ... and, our love of art, travel, music. I like aqua, red/orange, grey, yellow and chocolate brown.

    gretchencreates {at}

  11. My daughter and son in law are expecting their 4th child.
    They already have two boys and a girl.
    With sharing happening another girl would be easier but they will await the surprise.
    Son in law says he is born to be a dad what more could a mother in law want!!
    Nursery will have to fit around existing rooms with a little cosy corner happening initially.
    Dream nursery would be space but they are all so full of love it
    doesn't matter.
    Birth Announcement would have to include words of joy and love
    as each beautiful baby brings such a blessing to all.

  12. Our first baby will arrive in early November and we THINK it's a boy (no science involved - just a hunch!). I don't want a "themed" nursery, but a cheerful, cozy space. We're thinking muted aqua walls with punches of orange around the room, and then linen and other natural fabrics to "ground" it. I got a lovely Sharon Montrose baby lamb print off 20x200 that will be the starting point for artwork... I love your site and that you're in Portsmouth! This calls for a summertime visit from Boston.