Thursday, June 3, 2010

Love, Jenna. Yes, we do.

(Photo by Anna Rozenblat, found on 100 Layer Cake)

Store-favorite calligrapher, Jenna Hein, of Love, Jenna Calligraphy (who calligraphed Whitney's own invitations!) wed the man of her dreams last year (hooray!) and, because she and all of her friends/vendors/creative muses are total rock-stars, their wedding is featured in the most recent issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. Pretty cool, right?

Even cooler - more fabulous, fun photos and details about their circus-themed on the absolutely amazing, must-read blog, 100 Layer Cake. Check it out. Immediately, people. It's one of the most fun weddings we've seen in quite some time. Congratulations, Jenna!!

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