Friday, April 13, 2012

who do you love?

When was the last time you told your lovey that you love them?

Like, love them up to the moon and the stars and the sun in the sky?

Love them like you love yourself a real fruit-juice pop on a warm summer day?

Love them like you love the melty cheese in that quesadilla you ate for dinns last night?

Love them like you love the smell of grass and pavement after a thunderstorm?

Tell me you're not thinking "Valentines Day" in your head right now!!
Pretty please tell me that you tell your lovely that you love them all the time??!!

I'm feeling compelled to share some EXTRA love today. Thinking about packing up a little bundle of goodies for the boy because he's just the sweetest. Who doesn't love a little love note for no reason, right??! And we just got some super rad new gifties at Gus & Ruby that I think fill our lacking "great gift that are practical and cool for them boys" category here at the shop.

Thinking this super cool, hand-carved iPhone dock from Areaware would be the perfect little thing to say: "I love you like I love to listen to music too loud in the bathroom when I'm taking a shower!". You feed your iPhone or iPod power cord through this sucker and you are in BIZ-NISS...

Or this, I could use this soft and smooth, hand-embossed leather pencil case as a totally straight-forward way to say: "I love you like I love to collect bright pens and pencils and markers to draw with!"

Or this. I think that this gift would totally get the point across. The card that would go along with this would say: "I love you like I love to collect little trinkets. Pretty little things. Sparkly things. Crafty things. Things that remind me of your handsome face and how sweet you are to me. You should really start corralling your trinkets, don't you think? Don't you think this walrus would be the PERFECT place to corral and store all of your favorite little wonders?"

You totally know what I mean here, right?!

If not, feel free to come see me at the shop this weekend. I'll be here every day at 10am. Prompt. And I'll be available to share with you all sorts of little doo-dads that are new to the shop that you could share with your lovey to be sure that they know just how much you wanna hug and squeeze 'em and be with 'em forever!

xo Lizzy

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