Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012 Gift Guide: For a Yankee Swap!

I have to say, Yankee Swaps, or grab bags, or whatever-the-heck-you-call-'em-in-your-house!, might be my favorite part of the annual holiday party. I love picking out a sweet (or, more often, hilarious and odd!) little something and then using every one of my gift-wrapping tricks to deck it out. There is a certain pride in having your Yankee Swap contribution chosen first, isn't there?

We've put together a pretty stellar selection of little gifties ($20 and under) here at the shop for each and every gift-swap need. From your buttoned-up office party to your wacky book group, you are sure to find something that everyone will clamor to snag. Promise!

(Click to enlarge)

1. The 7-Year Pen  - which has enough ink to write every day for 7 years!! (variety of styles/colors, $9)
2. Hand-poured soy candle tins (variety of scents, $8-$14)
3. Pocket journals & note pads (variety of styles/sizes, $5-$19)
4. Rob Ryan mug ($14)
5. Task Clips ($12)
6. The Box of General Ignorance ($16.95)
7. Traveling Mouse felted ornament ($13)
8. Washi (Japanese masking) tape (variety of colors/sizes/patterns, $4-$19)

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