Friday, October 25, 2013

Peg & Awl lovin'

Happy Friday Everyone!

Hope that everyone made it through the week alright - I know that it flew by for me and was very busy! And this cool, windy fall weather that to me is the epitome of New England has certainly settled in, hasn't it?

I'm writing to update you on a little retail re-stock that I'm so thrilled about!

We started carrying Peg & Awl products last winter and needless to say we were smitten from the very beginning by their clean, simple, utilitarian aesthetic, and the little letterpress tags they use to identify each product they make simply pushed me over the edge when I first saw them! Everything is so carefully thought through with their line - it's well edited and has been a wonderful addition to our stationery-stocked shelves.

My current obsession are their accessories made from salvaged wood. It certainly doesn't hurt too, that if you want to know where the wood that was used for your beautiful office "tool caddy" (below) came from, they'll let you know - right on that pretty little letterpress tag. I am secretly (well, not so secret now!) wishing that I'll get one of these beauties for Christmas this year!

Aren't they so beautiful and perfectly simple?

Their hand-cut garden stakes are a great gift for anyone with a green thumb, too. Bundled with natural twine and an oil-based pencil, you're in business with these the minute you step into the cool, dark soil of your herb garden.

And the oiled canvas pouches... I mean, seriously? They're the perfect colors and so versatile - and STURDY! Perfect for a change purse or pencil case, these lovelies are such a nice fit for the craft-person in your life who likes versatility and longstanding relationships with their accessories!

I also must admit that I am intrigued by the kickstarter project that Margaux (the lovely lady who makes up 1/2 of the duo behind Peg & Awl) just launched.
You may want to check out: Take Your Time Loving Me.

Having had what feels now like a pretty substantially life altering year this past, I have spent a great deal of time considering my worth to my family and friends and community, and have questioned many times what this big world is all about and how my contribution to it matters. Margaux's perspective on her role as a mother and the natural progression of that relationship between herself and her children does resonate with me in a way... and as a creative person myself, I hope for her that she gets the opportunity to see this project through!

Sorry to get deep there for a minute, pals! We are so lucky to work with such talented and authentic makers that I figure it's worth sharing a little bit of the behind-the-scenes when it comes to this amazing artisan crafted company! Expect to hear lots more about all sorts of new hand-made vendors we'll be carrying this holiday season in the coming weeks, too.

That's that for tonight though! Much more this weekend -

Take care of each other and be well <3 nbsp="" p="">Lizzy

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