Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dec. 15: 15% off Aquiesse Candles

{photo by the lovely Emilie Sommer}
Holiday scents are included in today's sale! If you haven't had the chance to check out our selection of hand-poured soy candles by the California-based company, Aquiesse, today is the day to do it. For one day only you can receive 15% off any Aquiesse candle, even our holiday scents, including Candy Cane and Pfeffernusse!
{image found here}
{image found here}
The candles are available in glass jars that make beautiful gifts, travel tins, which are great if you're sneaking one for yourself and our small glass votives that light up a dining room table beautifully (holiday scents are only available in glass jars).
{photo courtesy of Aquiesse}

Did you know that many brand-name candles are made with paraffin wax, which is a by-product of petroleum production? When you burn these candles toxins are released into the air, but because candle companies aren't required to list all of their ingredients on the labels, it's often hard to know what you are buying, and thus, what you are burning. Whether you buy your candles from us or any of our lovely neighbors, play it safe by sticking to candles made with soy or beeswax.
10 days until Christmas! We hope to see you over the next few days as you run around doing last-minute errands. We have wonderful stocking-stuffers and a huge variety of gifts for everyone on your list!

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