Monday, February 1, 2010

Documenting the process.

Planning a wedding, party, shower, or other big celebration is a serious process. From the hundreds of emails with planners, managers, chefs, photographers and florists, the dozens of phone calls, hours of reviewing contracts, inspiration boards and days of driving to and from appointments a lovingly crafted, planned and agonized-over celebration is born!

It takes months to put together a big event and the planning and decision-making can be a huge part of the fun. The friendships you make with vendors, the discoveries you make about your own style, organization and creativity all contribute to the big event and last long after the party has come and gone.

I've always been a planner and I get excited about things long before they are close at hand. Planning and prepping, for me, can be the best part of an event. So, when I recently came across this post in G&R favorite blog, Oh So Beautiful Paper (gee, I wonder why we like this blog?!), I was totally inspired by Jen's (from the haystack needle) idea.

Creating a scrapbook of the whole planning and event is such a wonderful way to document all the hard work, inspiration and creativity that goes into throwing a fabulous bash!

I love the way Jen included swatches of fabric, little hand-written notes and ideas, business cards, photos and ribbons to document her trail of inspiration and planning. It's such an intimate look into the process and I imagine it's a blast for her and her hubby to look back through the album and recount the entire experience, not just the party.

Pretty lovely, don't you think?

(All photos by Charlotte Jenks Lewis via the haystack needle)

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed Jen's posts! I agree that her planning scrapbook is an amazing idea - and what a wonderful keepsake!