Friday, January 29, 2010

Write more letters.

(Brand new letter stationery sets from Smock!)

We've talked about this before, but getting a hand-written letter in the mail is truly one of the best pick-me-ups a gal can receive during the day. The fact that a friend (or lover! *Swoon* A love letter? Yes, please!) took the time to hand write some special thoughts to a friend is just one of the most thoughtful, lovely things one person can do for another.

Some people may argue that letter-writing is dying art, but I can tell you that Gus & Ruby customers disagree (they are the best in many ways!). We've had so many people ask about true letter-writing stationery. So, of course, we are beyond happy to deliver for all you letter-writing paper hounds.

We now have some gorgeous letter writing stationery sets from G&R fave, Smock, and from local-ish (Maine) superstar company, Saturn Press. From patterned and fabulous to sweet and simple, these letter-writing sets are stunning.

(Gorgeous, hand type-set letterpress stationery from Saturn Press)

(All photos courtesy of me, which would explain the sub-par photos of these gorgeous products!)


  1. I just adore that you gals carry these products! I am such a fan of everything hand written. It's so special! Over time I have kept the notes my Grandmother has sent me and now have such a treasure. Yay for cute paper products!

  2. i'm lusting after both of those sets, simply gorgeous!