Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our new favorite vendor (soon to be yours)

One of the greatest parts of our job is finding new vendors to represent in our store. When we first started dreaming of owning our own paper boutique, we kept an ongoing list of our favorites. By the time we were able to start ordering, our list was extremely long. Somehow, we managed to buy a few items from a hundred different vendors. 100. Literally. In our tiny, 850 square foot store. We had so many favorites that we couldn't leave anyone out. One of the downfalls of ordering from everyone on our list the first time around is that we now have a huge challenge to continue to discover new and exciting vendors so we can keep our devoted customers happy. This has proven harder over the last couple of months as Sam and I have gotten busier and busier. It's important that we take time each day to read our favorite blogs, peruse Etsy and trying to keep abreast of what other similar paper boutiques around the country are doing. It's time consuming, but necessary. It's also super fun.

Just the other day I was browsing the 2 Fresh Threads website because we are almost out of their adorable bibs and changing pads and we are hoping to order some oven mitts and potholders this time around. While I was thinking over our next order, I admired (as I always do) the gorgeous photography on their site. For some reason I had never clicked on the link to their photographer, Kari Herer's, website, but this time I did and now we are thrilled to say that we are carrying these gorgeous prints:

Aren't they lovely? If you can believe it (I couldn't), they're even more gorgeous in person. We bought them all as 8x8" prints, which are a perfect size... small enough to frame a couple of them together! Sam and I are already plotting out which ones we will buy for our homes. I was so excited today because I knew Kari's husband was dropping them off (free delivery!) and when he showed up I tried to act calm and cool so he didn't think I was totally lame, but as soon as he walked out I was jumping up and down while I opened the gorgeous package. Kari included mini clothespins and twine so we can display them like this:{all images courtesy of Kari Herer}

And that's not all she included in her adorable package. She baked us cookies! Well, I'm guessing she didn't bake them specifically for us, but she happened to bake them today and was sweet enough to send some with our prints. Now you can see why I was so pumped. Kari Herer = uber talented and oh-so thoughtful! I know you are as excited as we are so get in here this week and pick one up. And if you're trying to be good by not spending any money, send your husband in. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and you know he doesn't have anything else up his sleeve. Help him out. They're only $25 each!

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