Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gus + winter = not so good, actually

For those dog lovers out there - and I know there are a lot of you - I have to share some Gus news. Poor little Gus has not been loving this cold weather. He's a hardy little guy (well, as hardy as a 10 lb dog can be) and he likes to run and romp and play. But, this ice and salt is just too harsh on his little paws. Recently, on walks, he'll start out strong and then about 2 blocks into it will stop walking, start whining and picking up hist little paws one at a time to shake them in the air. It's a sad sight and I end up carrying him the rest of the way, warming his tiny feet between my hands.

I realized that I needed a better way to transport him to and from work with me, since I walk here everyday. But, because I don't usually treat him like a little dog (a la Paris Hilton), I had no dog bags or anything of the sort. But, we soon discovered that a regular tote bag (Le Sport Sac, to be exact) works just fine! For the last few weeks on those super chilly/snowy/wet mornings, Gus has been riding in style on the way to work. Check it:

(Photo courtesy of my bestie, Karen)

I know it's not Christmas anymore, but I was reading the blog of one of our adorable bride-to-be clients (hi, Lindsay!) and she had posted this picture and I just had had had to put it up here, too. It's a brussels griffon, like Gus, in a Santa hat. Presh! Ok - more hilarious than precious. Look at his wonky eyes!
(Photo from Trixie + Peanut)

And, a little somethin' somethin' to pique your interest: I'll be blogging tomorrow about an AMAZING letterpress wedding invitation sale! :) Hooray!!


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  1. Poor Gus! If it's the salt on the sidewalks that's irritating him, try Musher's Secret. I use it for walking Dakota in the city and it helps. They have little booties too if you find Gus needs his exercise.