Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lovely prints

{courtesy of the artist}

Sam and I just want to a take a time-out to say that our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti and those who's loved ones are there. Horrific natural disasters seem to be happening more and more often and we realize how lucky we are to live where we do and that our friends and loved ones are safe. So many people feel helpless in these situations and I am always in awe of those who step up to offer a hand, even if it's small.

We have been keeping an eye on this up and coming illustrator and hope to get her work in the shop in the near future. Buy one of the beautiful love prints shown above (and available here) and 25% of the sale will go to Yele Haiti whose (current) primary goal is fundraising to help with the disastrous earthquake. For a list of additional organizations who are accepting donations, click HERE. Thank you, Nole, for first mentioning the promotion.

While we're on the topic of lovely prints, Samantha gave me a late Christmas present today. Being the thoughtful friend that she is, she remembered this funky Roddy & Ginger print that I had been lusting over months ago. I can't wait to frame it and hang it in my dining room. Thank you, Sam! A.K. and Ruby thank you too.
{courtesy of the artist}