Sunday, August 22, 2010

Are You Ready?

It's BACK TO SCHOOL time! Yeh, I know, I can't believe it either! But at Gus & Ruby Letterpress we've been getting prepped for all your back-to-school, get-your-life-re-organized, and refresh-your-office-space needs.

What we like for the tasks you've got ahead? Colorful MomAgendas & MyAgendas that are sturdy and an organizer's dream! Tornado rollerball pens & ink refills from Retro 51. Beautifully bound fabric address books from Rag & Bone Bindery and these awesome file totes from Galison!

And what about for your kiddos? We love these blank journals from Night Owl Paper Goods that have printed birch wood jackets and brilliant lined notebooks by Pinkerton Design. I love the purple fig :)

And what about a great pencil can for their workspace at home! You certainly won't regret one of these - you'll never search for a pencil & eraser at homework time!

We know, it can be overwhelming to anticipate the beginning of a new academic year, but starting off on a good foot makes such a difference. I'll leave you with a fun idea for book covers that Gus & Ruby Letterpress can assist with too. It should help get the kids excited about their upcoming year and remind them of how easy life can be when things are organized and ready to go!

DIY : Use sheets of beautifully printed gift wrap to individually wrap up text books. You can utilize scraps of certain designs to make labels on alternate patterns so that all text books are easy to grab at a moments notice! And, these papers from Denise Lynn Studios are sure to brighten your kid's day!

And that's that - a list of all of our must-haves for back to school. Come visit us for help in getting organized for back to school, and for goodies to organize your own weekly schedule with fun post-its and calendars! You certainly won't regret it :)

Here's to you and yours, and the end of summer vacation!
XO Lizzy

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