Wednesday, September 8, 2010

For your favorite spaces...

What does an English beauty, a pair of lovebirds from Florida, and a New England native have in common? Guesses? Anyone? Anyone? No takers? Alright, I give in. These people are the fabulous artists who have designed some of our most favorite prints here at Gus & Ruby Letterpress. Each with an eye for color, a taste for sweet design, and a caring concern for the human condition, these designers manage to pull together goodies for us to drool over time and time again.

Numero Uno is by far a best seller for the G&R shop, not to mention an artist who each of us adores - her name is Freya and her beautiful illustrations and thought provoking little phrases have been a real hit with our clients. As she works and prints in the UK, we feel extra lucky to have found Freya's work and love the lively spirit it brings to the shop! Each print is carefully crafted and lovingly printed, and you will be sure to see our regular favorites as well as some special new designs from Freya in the store this upcoming season. Here are some of my all time favorites, as well as a few samples that can be customized for your loved ones.

(Photos courtesy of Freya Art)

Holy cow - it was much more difficult to pick those pictures than I thought it would be. All of Freya's prints are just so pitch perfect!

Next up is the work of Ms. Anna Bond and her husband Nathan of Rifle Paper Company. We couldn't wait to receive these sweet treats in the mail and nearly went into fits of hysterics when they arrived... literally, Gus got a little freaked out about it. But we think you'll be as in love as we are with these prints. If I could pick one word to describe their work, I think I would use the word 'lovely'. Or maybe 'nostalgic'. 'Adorable' would work too. Each piece manages to strike a chord, and I think they would be the perfect addition to a child's bedroom, or just a sweet something to frame for your bedroom or office.

(Photos courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.)

Yeh, I know... the little girl holding the furry bear's hand in the "Some Days Are Better" set of prints is so flippin' cute. And the little animal parade... so sweet.

The last fabulous designs I have for you are by Ink & Wit, a company that does simple graphics, clean lines, and impeccable color on a grand scale! The genius behind these illustrations is Tara Hogan, a native resident of Connecticut gained her sense of nature's intricate beauty along the state's coastline, and the modern twist to her work comes from her frequent visits to New York. Her designs are printed on 100% cotton paper made from tree fibers and 100% post consumer recycled paper, and the inks used are soy and water based. A lovely combo, don't you think - an eye on the environment and a pulse on all things beautiful and vibrant!
Check. It. Out.

(Photos courtesy of Ink&Wit)

Aren't you inspired to re-paint your office and hang up one of these fabulous prints? Oye, if only I had a home to re-decorate. While I figure out how to fit that into my agenda, I recommend you get yourself down here to Gus & Rubys for some lovely illustration therapy. We will see you soon, and I'll have news about the start of cupcake Saturdays here at the store at weeks end.

hugs, kisses, and oodles of love
Lizzy <3

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