Monday, September 20, 2010

pumpkin cupcakes and cream cheese frosting

STOP THE PRESSES! Yeh, I said it! And you can quote me on it: PUMPKIN CUPCAKES AND CREAM CHEESE FROSTING. Why am I mentioning these amazing little treats, and maybe teasing you with this picture? Because I want you to know that they will be available for the snacking this Saturday (September 25th) at Gus & Ruby Letterpress. That's right - just for you, you moist-cupcake eating, only-from-scratch treat loving enthusiasts! I promised Samantha & Whitney that we'd do cupcake Saturdays... you all are just so wonderful and spirited when you come by the store and I cannot imagine a better way to say thank you (except for maybe allowing Gus to give you a little kiss or two... and by kiss i mean lick... and it would probably be on your leg, he loves moisturizer don't cha know)! So here's to you - come and get 'em while the gettins' good!

Happy Monday - enjoy the fabulous weather and we'll see you soon.

A Big Hug and A Big Kiss,

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