Monday, October 18, 2010


Hey there folks - just checking in to serve you up a fab-tabulous update. We stocked up on so many great goodies last week! Yipppeeeeeee!

Mr. Boddgington's Studio and Enormous Champion are back in the house - and we could not be more thrilled! Are you in the mood for some squirrely love, or maybe some encouragement to stock up on greeting cards? If so, I think these beauties will do the trick!
These adorable wooden squirrel silhouettes are made in the USA from wood grown in a sustainably harvested forrest. They stand up on their own, but also have a tendency to snuggle up whiskery nose to whiskery nose over a little red heart. How fun - right?! Enormous Champion also designs larger Kingdom Animalia silhouettes. From moose to hippopotamus, and elephants to kangaroos - we love these suckers because they are simple, beautiful, and truly unique!
photos courtesy of enormouschampion

Mr. Boddington's Studio is by far one of my favorites here at Gus & Ruby Letterpress in terms of greeting cards. I think between the color palette and the sweet details they include in each design, I could find reason to grab up one of each! Don't you feel the same? I would say that it's always a good idea to stock away cards like these - sympathy, retirement, engagement, thanksgiving day - you never know when you'll need a turkey-lurkey card last minute ;)

photos courtesy of Mr. Boddington's Studio

Enjoy the rest of your week and we hope to see you soon!
XO Lizzy

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  1. That MASH card! Oh my gosh! That brings back memories. I'll be in to pick up a few of those for sure!