Friday, October 1, 2010

October is here...

Hello friends! Today is October 1st - can you believe it? Where did September go? I was thinking to myself recently, when was the last time I received a card in the mail? It's been too long, really. I love snail mail, don't you? I love opening my little post office box and finding more than just junk mail. Those little parcels of love and gratitude, folded up inside of tiny envelopes just do the trick - and they remind you of how a simple, hand-written note can bring a smile to someone else's face. Being thought of by a good friend or loved one is a powerful thing, and so I challenge you to work on your snail mail skills this fall. Here are a few fun, seasonal greeting cards we have on the shelves this fall at Gus & Ruby Letterpress!

(photos courtesy of Dee&Lala)

(photo courtesy of Hello!Lucky)

(photo courtesy of Uncooked.)

(photos courtesy of EggPress)

Umm, yeh... I know. That letterpress printed candy jar design with vampire teeth and black squirmy-wormies - ADORABLE!

Happy Weekend to you all and here's to the lovely season of snail mail and family gatherings that is upon us!

OX Lizzy

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