Thursday, June 23, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Two Trick Pony

I'm so super excited to introduce to you today an invitation album from one of my favorite favorite companies of all time: Two Trick Pony! I love the gals (ponies!) at Two Trick Pony so much - they are hilarious, fabulous, way nice and create the most beautiful paper lovelies ever. I also love that they are a local-ish company as they are based in the Metro-Boston area. Woo hoo for East Coasters!

Their brand-spanking-new album is chock full of gorgeous invitations featuring everything from fun patterns to whimsical typography to simple graphic design and all done with their unique Two Trick spin. Perhaps the best part of this album is that all the designs are screen printed* which results in uber beautiful, velvety, awesome finished pieces. Not familiar with screen printing? Well, straight from the horses mouth (ba dum ching!), here is how the ponies describe this artisan technique:

Screen printing (also known as silk screening) is a form of printmaking that creates a sharp, crisp image using a screen made of porous mesh. Areas of the screen are blocked off with a non-permeable material to create a stencil of the image to be printed. Paint-like screen printing ink is pulled over the screen with a squeegee, resulting in ink passing through the open areas of the screen onto the paper (or other material) below. Unlike many of the inks used in other printing techniques, screen printing ink tends to "sit" on the surface of paper, resulting in rich, true colors.

Pretty rad, right? We love these hand-printed pieces and are sure you'll love this album, too! Here are a few designs to whet your appetite:

(All photos courtesy of Two Trick Pony)

*Working on a tight budget? Fear not! All the wonderful TTP designs can be digitally printed, too!

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  1. I love Two Trick Pony! Carrie and Laurie are the best! Their designs and screen printing are so lovely.