Friday, June 10, 2011

goodness gracious me....

Afternoon pals!

This past week has passed the shop like a crazy wind storm!!! I have so much to share, but don't want to overwhelm, so please please pretty please bear with me for a moment!

Goodies from the stationery show have begun to arrive... and oh my goodness gracious are they lovely! I try not to throw product up here all willy nilly, but I just can't bear to hold back from sharing these lovelies...

Linda & Harriet, a name that should be quite familiar to you all by now (because we LOVE THEM... but in case you forgot, they're a fab stationery and letterpress shop based out of Brooklyn, New York, owned and run by a lovely couple named Liz & John who design one of the all-time loveliest letterpress calendars) sent us these lovely notepads. I want one! But I feel like it would be more appropriate for me to use if my desk sat in front of a big three bay window, overlooking the seaside... have to work on that ;)

These notepads are great because they're solid white stock, and the sheets tear off nice and easy - perfect for taking calls and leaving messages!! And, they're sort of oversized, so there's lots of room for doodling which is a requirement of any and all notepads I own.

And of course, you need a good pen to write with... for taking all those notes, and writing down all of those phone numbers... and all that doodling! We've been carrying Retro pens for quite some time now, but these new ballpoint minis are the perfect pen for travel, to throw in your bag for meetings and work, and to keep tucked in your checkbook (for those of us who still carry a checkbook, that is :)

And Seltzer just came out with new designs for their 7 year pen! You wouldn't believe it, but these pens hold an ink cartridge that will write 1.7 meters, every day of the year, for SEVEN YEARS! The trick is just keeping your hands on the sucker long enough to see it run out :)

So I have this thought in my head... get yourself a new scratch pad, a new pen, some new stationery and store it in one of our fab new Smock boxes... sounds like the perfect plan, right?!

And I love these box patterns for bundling up father's day gifts (figure Dad can store all of his cards and pictures of you and the fam inside after he opens his gift!!) Just think how thrilled he'd be to get a box full of new office supplies :) ...Dad's are so hard to buy for!

And lastly, I failed to post about Cardboard Safari last week... my bad! The DIY cardboard animal busts are such a fun new product for us, and we hope that you will be as excited about them as we are.

So... pals.... meet the latest additions to our team Eyan, Bucky, and Robbie!

Aren't they fun?! I just want to bring 'em all home and spray paint 'em neon colors and hang them all over the place :)

Alright, I'll give it a rest for now! We'd love to see you all by the shop this weekend, so come on by and visit! I'll be posting more new goodies soon... so until then!

Lots of Love!

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