Friday, November 11, 2011

cripsy crunchy...

So today was it folks - mother earth's reminder that the summer is officially gone. The wind was crisp and tunneled through town tossing all of the crunchy leaves around at people's feet. The sun poked through the clouds though, and reminded us that we still have a few bright days before winter really sets in. I love it - I live for this weather, for the turn to winter, and for the holidays. Something about the excuse to walk around the house in bulky wool sweaters and striped socks... my Minnetonka moccasins... the way the sun sets in the stark new england sky. Yup yup yup, it's my jam for sure!!

When this time of year rolls around though, I start to think about holiday plans and which of my friends and family I'll be seeing. What mom will be making for Thanksgiving dinner, and what little presents I can send to those who I love who won't be around Londonderry for the holidays. Lucky for me, the shop is an awesome place to collect those kind of goodies. Check it:

What mom or g-ma wouldn't love for you to bring placecards for the Turkey-Lurkey dinner table? These adorable designs from Mr. Boddington's Studio are some of my favorites (I especially love the chevron detail to the turkey's plumes!)

Of course there are also the sweet designs from Rifle Paper that could add a special touch to your feast too! My pops is probably getting the "Give Thanks" card because he's the best and deserves a thank you every day for always being such an incredible handy-man and role model. Plus, without his craftiness, the ladies would still have an un-wallpapered, epoxy covered back room :)

When it comes to hostess gifts though, I love to be practical about things. A beautiful card with a little note... of course! And a primly wrapped package with something delightful inside - like a candle they can burn that day, or a tea towel to help with the feasty clean-up. Or a flask to keep them going through the festivities!

hand poured, 100% soy from Virigina

Letterform Foodie Tea Towels & Greeting Card sets

Izola Five and Three Ounce Flasks

So pull your thoughts together, get your plans arranged and come buy some gifties with us! We'll even wrap 'em up all pretty for you, it is holiday time after all!

Have a great weekend pals, and we'll see you around.
xo Lizzy

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