Thursday, November 10, 2011

Restaurant Week 2011

Happy Thursday! As most of you know, last weekend through the end of this weekend is Restaurant Week here in Portsmouth. As most of you also know, dang do I love good food! And I love this town. So, it is only natural that I'm a huge fan of Restaurant Week! So far this week, I've had the great pleasure of eating at Mombo and Brazo and tonight I'll be dining at Cafe Mediterraneo. I'm a lucky duck, aren't I?

Folks from near and far have been coming into Portsmouth this past week to enjoy incredible fixed-price meals from the areas best restaurants. At $16.95 per person for lunch and $29.95 per person for dinner for a 3-course meal, it's a pretty awesome deal and a great reason to try some of those restaurants you haven't tried just yet.

When I first moved up to Portsmouth from Boston/Cambridge four years ago, I feared that I'd miss my foodie hangouts in the city. But, let me tell you, the caliber of cuisine in and around Portsmouth is truly spectacular. I'm consistently surprised and delighted with the inventive food and drink available here in our wonderful town. So, yourselves a favor and get out to a restaurant this weekend for some yums.

Also - we are staying open late (till 9PM) tonight, tomorrow and Saturday nights as are many other fabulous stores in town. So, have some good food and do some shopping. It's the right thing to do :) More info on Restaurant Week HERE.

Bon Appetit!

Oh, one more thing. How delicious does this Fall inspired cocktail sound? Must try soon!

(Pumpkin & Apple Cider Fizz - from Kitchen Konfidence)

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  1. i've got to try the pumpkin cider fizz. perfect for holiday. thanks for sharing.