Friday, January 20, 2012

a little treat...

Good Morning Gals and Pals!

Liz here - blogging from the front desk of Gus and Ruby Letterpress today. Gazing out the windows of the shop today, things are looking pretty beautiful outside. The bright sunshine and tufted snow piled up along the edges of our sidewalks really gives the downtown square a little extra something, and the crisp air that is so refreshing this time of year in New England always breathes gets my cheeks rosy and makes me smile. I hope that many of you are feeling the same way, excited at the prospect of a weekend spent outdoors with kiddos and loved ones enjoying just what our state is about in January - WINTER!

For those of you who may be planning on staying inside this weekend, snuggled up by the fire (which also is sounding quite lovely to me right about now), I've got a little bit of product love for you today.

One of my favorite additions to shop last year was these super fun individual mugs that demonstrate the super-fine and ultra-vibrant designs of the papercutting artist, Rob Ryan.
But for valentines this year, we thought it might be nice to try this mug pair, which has me reeling. I want a set so bad - that rich peacock and tomato red combo - just fantastic!

Perfect mugs for a hot cup of cocoa for you and your sweetie pie, don't you think?!

Hopefully some of you will have a chance to grab a set to enjoy at home, but for those of you who might prefer to marvel at the incredible craftsman behind the designs (because you already have a collection of mugs that seems excessive :) check this link here:

I honestly could watch on repeat for HOURS! He's incredible and such an inspiration -

Happy weekend and lots of wintry love from all of us here at the shop!
ox Lizzy

photos courtesy of Wild & Wolf

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