Tuesday, January 31, 2012

last day of January...

How appropriate that on the last day of this first month of 2012, it's snowing!! Just love those fluttery flakes up in the sky today :) Something about breathing that fresh, crisp air in on an early morning that just does it for me!

I'm packing up a little box of valentine surprises for my love bug this morning and wanted to share a bit of our greeting card love with you! I had the hardest time deciding, so I think I'm going to write him a card for every day between now and valentines! Extreme? Well, maybe... but I do work at a stationery shop, so probably not the CRAZIEST thing I will ever decide to do!

Eggpress is always one of my favorite lines this time of year. They're always so playful and quirky!

And I mean, when do I not rave about LOVING Rifle Paper Co.'s designs. They're SO FLIPPING GOOD!

I always really love the paper stock and ink colors from Yellow Owl Workshop too. Their cards are always simple and to the point, but printed in these really rich, vibrant colors. What's not to L.O.V.E.

And this is an old-timey favorite from Fine Day Press that we sold out of so quickly last year! Love that purple and red combo!!

Get yours now and get them in the mail :) Always better to be too early than extra late!
xo Lizzy

P.S. Walk and drive carefully out there too folks, it's a bit slippery!!!

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  1. i can't decide which one of these cards i love more! they are awesome! thanks for putting them out there. i'm gonna share them with my peeps.