Thursday, March 15, 2012

one canoe two

Oh, pals....
Boy do I have some great news for you today!

To share a bit of a back-story here: the truth is that we've had One Canoe Two on our radar for a while now, but they really fleshed out their line this past winter and I was finally able to pull my thoughts together and get an order together. The lovely ladies behind Canoe put down roots in Missouri in a the 3rd floor loft of a big old barn and have been letterpress printing their hearts out since! Sounds like a big-old success story to me :)

Their beautiful stationery and gifty goods arrived today and totally BRIGHTENED my day! Big thanks to Beth, Carrie & Karen - we love you and love what you do!

A few letterpress prints for ya :)

A more rustic-style recipe box for all of you out there who need to get your Mama's pot pie and Grandpappy's beef stew ingredients corralled...

How about some perfectly prim mixed letterpress printed thank-yous - all those greetings are hand-written by the lovely ladies and then printed on their C&P...

Their "Things That Are Round" letterpress printed coasters make me swoon! Sorta gets me excited for some sweaty glasses of lemonade this summer, don't you agree ;)

And yes, that's a sweet little wooden box with address cards for you to keep on your pretty little desk at home. Genius, right?! One of the lady's pops makes the boxes by hand for them - gotta love that too!!

Simple, bright and fun, don't 'cha think?!
Happy Thursday pals, it's almost Friday (which means that I'll be looking forward to seeing your handsome faces poking around town soon because the weekend is right around the corner!) and I'll be back tomorrow with another little post on some new greeting cards from Fine Day Press, and a little snippet about the new Sea Bags we just got in!
Woohoooo -

love ya to bits and pieces,
Lizzy Lou

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