Saturday, March 3, 2012

the perfect package

Hey there pals!

I know that it's Saturday and you're all probably out and about (especially now that the storms have cleared in the Seacoast), but I wanted to share a little tidbit with 'ya all the same! Spring is fast upon us, if you can believe that, and here at Gus & Ruby Letterpress I'm quickly trying to pull together a bundle of new goodies for you all to enjoy this upcoming year. It's always a bit of a crap shoot ordering new product, not knowing how things will arrive... not being certain of the quality of the lined pages inside of that spiral bound journal... or concerned about the strength of those bright and colorful magnets... but this time of year might be one of my most favorites because when we get shipments in the post, I am almost always overjoyed by what's inside the stacks of cardboard boxes that pile up out back.

People ask all the time if I love my job, and my response is always the same: I do! Very much! But, what I sometimes fail to relay in answering that question is that the real perk to my position here at G&R has very much to do with the hard work of the incredible vendors that we have the opportunity (and extreme pleasure) to communicate with daily. I get to look at, order and merchandise absolutely beautiful, hand-made product on a daily basis. It's legit - THE BEST. (This is where balloons should arrive, flowers and Flatbread pizza to Samantha & Whitney's doorsteps - because without them - I wouldn't get to do any of it!)

So when I was thinking to myself about blogging today, I figured today would be a great opportunity to rave a bit about something beautiful that arrived to the shop! We received a small shipment of custom-printed pencils from the lovely Linda of One Fine Dae and while the weather this morning was gloomy and raw, when I cut into the box from Linda, this is what I found:

Now, this iPhone photo really doesn't do the package justice... but you get the general gist. Linda with her adorable striped washi tape-on-kraft, double tagged, grommeted, little bundle of perfection with a mini pencil on top just about made my day. And oh, the contents...

These little packs of pencils come flat in a sleeve that's stitched up the sides... and that cotton twine bow to keep just every one right in it's rightful place... pure heaven!

See how lucky I am?! It's like the holidays opening up these beautiful boxes of goodies!!

Now, on a side note: I feel like it would be appropriate to share with anyone out there looking to jazz up their game in the stationery world, or just looking for good packaging and branding concepts for your business, take this hint: packaging & the quality of product are equally important when it comes right down to it. Customers respond to product that is wrapped up in beautiful, clean and informative packaging. Tell us it's made in the U. S. of A. on a wind-powered press. Or that your illustrations are hand painted and printed right in-house, where ever your house may be! Take some time to plan what your product will look like once it's on shop shelves, because those are the little details that are the truest form of eye-candy to customers :) and they make my day, every day.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend, and maybe you'll all be around the shop soon to drool over these new pencils with me? You know you wanna see 'em in person now, don't 'cha?!

Sending you lots of smiles today (and hopefully sending you home with perfect packages always!) XO


  1. Liz, thank you so much for featuring my products and packaging on the blog! This is such a heartfelt post. =)

    I'm glad that there are still folks out there who value a nice package as much as the contents inside.

  2. Absolutely Linda - it's so true! We swoon over beautiful packaging, and I think it's important for designers to hear that praise because that's the feedback we get from out wonderful customers time and time again! :)