Friday, June 22, 2012

just because....

Have you ever had such a nice week where you had so many lovely little things happen that you just want to send everyone you ran into a note to say, "Hey, I love you. Thanks for being you!"?

That was sort of how my week went. It was a nice surprise after a few weeks of some serious crazy :)

So here's my thank you to-do list...

To Mike Lapan...
"Thank you for being the top Pops. I know that you were a sleepy bear last weekend after all of the nice weather and all, and we didn't get to chat for too long after dinner, but I love ya like no otha!"

To Brianna and Jason...
"You guys seriously rock. Thank you for letting me borrow your car to move that big ole' piece of wood last week. As you both know, there aren't words to describe how rad I think you are :) Lots of 3s love to you always XO"

To the guy at Target last night who helped me find the last oscillating fan in the whole store!
"Thank you is really all I have to say here. Oh, and you should get a belt, your pants were falling off your behind while you were working. What's up with that?!"

To my boss ladies, Samantha and Whitney...
 "Thank you for everything you do. For letting me be a part of Gus & Ruby Letterpress, and for finding me the most beautiful and thoughtful gift I may have ever received in my entire life - a perfect gift to outfit my studio no less. You are incredible and I am the luckiest."

To Meghan Hale, the genius behind Milkweed and these adorable reclaimed-fabric bowties...
"You inspire me every day Meg. I don't know how you manage all that you do - but thank you for showing me that nothing should every stop a person from creating beautiful things!"

 To Jay Curcio...
"I just need to thank you for always keeping things light, and for always making me laugh."

To whoever it was who was responsible for getting the power back up and running today downtown...
"I am eternally greatful."

And, to all of you taking the time to read this blog right now...
"Thank you for being the raddest fan club this side of the universe. We love you and honestly are so thrilled to have you in our lives! XO"

There are more people on my list - but I don't want to overwhelm you folks. Just have to approach things with a 'handful-of-thank-you-notes-at-a-time' kinda mentality.

Lots of love and cool, popsicle thoughts to all of you on this fine Friday!
xo Liz


  1. ahh! you're so cute---I'm going to go write a snail mail...and I'm just dying over my gorgeous new letterpress cards!! Thank you ladies so much...and yay for power, Liz! XO

  2. I visited your store on Sunday! I just love it!