Friday, July 6, 2012

swoon worthy...

Afternoon guys and gals!

Lizzy here, blogging from the bright and sunny shop - don't you just love a sunny start to the weekend?

This morning I went out to a sweet little diner for breakfast with the boy and had this lovely thought to myself about how fun it would be to own a B&B... with a big garden in the back yard and a barn full of handsome animals with old fashioned names... the idea of making a delicious quiche with fresh veggies from the garden and eggs from the chickens brings the biggest smile to my face. I can imagine going estate sale shopping for all of the furniture for the bedrooms at the inn, doing laundry and hanging it out on the line to dry in the sun.

Just enjoying a simple life where your home is your work and your work is your home...
I dig that.
In a serious way.

Of course the kitchen in my B&B would be outfitted with all sorts of simple, stainless steel gadgets... a black and white checker floor... glass panel cabinets so that you can see the eclectic mix of dishes and ceramic bowls inside...

And while I know how unrealistic it is to believe that it would be a pristine space, that's how I imagine it in my head. With these incredible Leah Duncan tea towels hanging on the handle of the stove. Crisp, bright, dry cotton tea towels, ready for some soapy hands or a basket full of freshly baked rolls.

(Sigh....) Perfection.

You'd all be invited to the B&B for a pig roast every year too...
It'd be a lot of fun.
And if you wanted, you could come stay and help me tap the trees for sap, and weed the flower gardens full of zinnias and petal-ly peonies... I know that you'd love it, too.

So who's in?

I'm going to get me a set of these tea towels while you all make up your minds.
Oh, and pets are allowed along for the stay at the inn...
So long as they are friendly and don't mind basking on the wrap around deck that's splashed in sun rays all day long..

Happy Friday, and if you dream about serving up quiche and making beds with crisp white linens, you should come and get yourself some of these Leah Duncan tea towels. You're B&B guests will be very impressed by your acute sense of style ;)

All my love XO

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