Saturday, August 25, 2012

back to school?!!!

This weekend is this weekend. And next is Labor Day weekend.


Crazy but true. I have looked at the calendar three times today to be sure that I am not losing my mind. You all don't seem very phased though... coming in to the shop and picking up all of our notepads and agendas and fun erasers... and goodies to decorate your dorm rooms with (oh, how I miss the days of decorating my dorm room!)

I'm glad you're all pumped though, because in truth, I am too! While it totally freaks me out that summer flew by so quickly, it makes me infinitely happy to think about sweater weather.  I love sweater weather more than most anything else in life!

A good sign of the approach of back-to-school in the shop is our calendar and agenda selection. We want to help you keep things pretty in the office and on the work table, and so we've collected a whole lot of new lovely in the time tracking department to make your lives easier.

I've been raving about our new Russell & Hazel agendas on facebook all week (and a great new use for washi tape that pairs planning and pretty - what more could you ask for?!) We also have a fun assortment of Jonathan Adler agendas and Bob's Your Uncle perpetual agendas in full desktop and smaller pocket sizes.

And for those of you anticipating a bit of text book wrapping in the next few weeks, we have so many beautiful new wrap sheets, including patterns from Belle & Union, Rifle Paper Co. and Fig 2. Designs! Swing by and we can help you pick a bunch of coordinating sheets, and assist in the physical book wrapping. Now that's one stop shopping, if you ask me! :)

Alright, I have to get back to the custies! Hope you're all enjoying the weekend, and cannot wait to ee you around the shop soon.

All our love (and oodles of exciting well-wishes to you on the start of the new school year - kids and Moms & Dads alike!)
XO Lizzy

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