Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Morning pals!

Liz here.
Long time no talk. How have you all been?
Things have been nutty crazy BANANAS busy here at the shop. That's right. Bananas.

While meeting and greeting all of you lovelies when you come to visit, I've also been buzzing around re-merchandising the shop and wanted to share a few bright and lovely newbies with ya. Heck, maybe you'll even get two product-related blog posts out of me this week. You lucky ducks! ;)

The company I'd like to share with you today is Fig. 2 Designs. I fell in love with just about everything Claudia had on her website last year, just before the holiday. Plus with neon and foil stamping trending big time in the stationery world, it was a sure fire bet that she'd be a great fit in the shop. We started off carrying just a small assortment of her chevron patterned gift tags and foil stamped notecards, but this year at the National Stationery Show Claudia launched some of the most fun and colorful goods we'd ever seen! Her gift wrap sheets make my heart go pitter-pat, and I LOVE her new watercolor stained notecards.

Wouldn't these patterns be so fun to use as book covers for the kids textbooks this year? Or to wrap around some old tin cans and use for pencils and school supplies at their desk?

Not to mention she launched some pretty hilarious new greeting cards that make her line a great one-stop shopping spot for us! A little bit of laughs and lovely certainly does the Gus & Ruby gang good!

Can't wait to see what Miss. Claudia has up her sleeve for holiday 2012 :)

Talk soon!!!!


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  1. This is the sweetest write-up, Liz! thank you so very much. I love working with you and hope to one day visit in person!