Saturday, October 27, 2012

Buy Local 2013 Calendars!

Good Morning Ladies & Gents!

Liz here.
How was your week?
Great, I hope!
Ours here at the shop was pretty fab - most especially because we got my favorite calendars in!

Claudia Pearson's work has always had a little place in my heart because it is so bright, fun, and whimsical. Not to mention is has a great message - to buy local!

Each page has a lovely little bundle of fruits and veg that are good to buy local in that month - what a great guide for grocery shopping, don't you think?!

They work as art too - hang them in a grid on the wall, and Voila!

You think I'm done right now with the blogging, don't cha.
But I'm not.


You're remembering correctly.
There's a tea towel Claudia designs too. With a calendar on it. It's the BEST...

Lovin' it, right?!

Ok pals, that'll be it for now.
Happy weekend to you - here's to it being a sunny one (is this storm really going to hit, or what?!)

Hugs and Smooches - Lizzy-loo-hoo

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