Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lauren & Ilan's Converse Sneaker Save the Dates

Lauren & Ilan, an adorable couple from New York, contacted us last year about recreating our Rocky Mountain suite for their November nuptials but wanted to do something that wasn't mountain themed for the save the date. Their idea was to create a type-driven piece with fun wording that reflects their individual style and sense of humor. Apparently they have a reputation for wearing hoodies and converse sneakers on a regular basis! So, we enlisted our dear friends at Brainstorm to illustrate a pair of converse sneakers (that Lauren may or may not wear at the wedding) which act as the only illustration on the piece. The rest of the graphic was created using a mix of typefaces from a classic sans serif to a stylized hand-drawn font justified to fit most of the card. A bold monochromatic color palette, navy paper backing and super fun envelope liner topped off the design. This was such a fun project to work on and truly one of my favorite save the dates to design of all time. Lauren and Ilan are getting married in just a few short weeks and we cannot wait to see photos of what promises to be a beautiful affair! 

Design & Letterpress Printing: Gus & Ruby Letterpress
Sneaker Illustration: Brainstorm

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