Sunday, November 18, 2012

best stocking stuffer ever...

Afternoon pals...

This product update has a little bit of personal background to it... fun, I know :)

I have always wanted to get a tattoo.
I can't imagine I'm the ONLY ONE who has ever had a hankering to get a tattoo and put it off every time the opportunity arose. Right?
I guess there's something about the idea of having an small, intricate "accessory" like a tattoo with you in life, forever... just a little detail or design that reminds you every day of something that is uniquely important to you.

For me, the hesitation to committing to a tattoo is the process by which you have the tattoo applied to your skin. I get a little nervous around needles... BUT! I figured the following is about as good a deterrant as exists in the world...

Pals, I'd like to introduce you to Tattly.
Tattly, this is everyone.
Ya'll are going to be good friends.
Trust me :)

Tattly was started by a clever woman named Tina Roth Eisenberg, who decided after years of putting tacky, cheap fake tattoos on her kid that there had to be a better option! So she started to design her own :) We love Tattly for all of the quirky, fun designs that they offer... not to mention Smash tried one of these suckers out this weekend and it looks LEGIT!

I love the idea of purchasing these especially for certain friends as little package toppers this holiday season. Or bundling a few together as stocking stuffers for the kiddos in your life?

I mean really, who doesn't want fake knuckle tattos?!

Hope you're as pumped about the tatts as I am :)
Happy Sunday and here's to the coming weeks being full of family, friends and delicious food!
xo Lizzy

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