Monday, November 26, 2012

send your holiday wishes...

Evening guys & gals!

Me here... burning the late-night flame on our first weeknight of holiday hours (woot woot!)
How are you all feeling after the craziness of last weekend?
We all enjoyed our holiday on Thursday immensely and were THRILLED and super thankful to see so many of you out shopping local on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. We feel so lucky that you took your time to come shop with us, and hope that you realize that we'll continue to work hard all season to keep the shop bright, peppy, and full of goodies that are just the right fit for everyone on your holiday list.
That's sort of why I'm writing actually. I realized today that with the fact that Thanksgiving was located a touch early on the calendar this year, I have (what feels like) a bit of extra time to get my holiday cards out... which means that YOU DO TOO!

We brought in a really varied selection of boxed holiday cards this year, and while many of you have come in to make your choices already, I know that there are a handful of you still deciding on what avenue to take. Holiday stationery can be so tricky - do you go traditional and sweet, fun and festive... or do you really take a step out of the box and try to get a laugh out of the recipient?
Do you send the same cards to everyone or hand select each and every one?
Don't even get me started on deciding what holiday stamps to buy!

I've taken a moment to pull together some of my absolute favorite holiday cards tonight for a little... oh, how do you say...
round up!
Yes, yes. That's it.
Just the trick.
A holiday card round up!
I have to say too though, come and get yours while the gettin's good  ;)


 photos courtesy of Eggpress, Smock, Dee & Lala, Hammerpress, Rifle Paper Co. and Bears Eat Berries

Big holiday smooches (on the cheek of course, don't be crazy!) to every last one of ya!
XO Lizzy

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