Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Designer Spotlight: New designs from Smock!

Good evening, friends! I hope you all had a lovely day.  Now that the rush of holiday is passed and as we begin to ramp up for our crazy, busy, wonderful wedding planning season (remember to book your invitation appointment soon, pals! Slots are filling up left and right!), I want to take some time to fill you all in on some of the incredible new designs our albums have released over the last year.

First up - our beloved Smock. Smock released some truly stunning designs over the last year and, coupled with how SUPER easy peasy and fun it is to work with them, have remained firmly at the top of our list of favorites albums to design with. This year- gorgeous, shiny foil, type-driven design featuring fun new fonts, and new spins on classic design took center stage. There are some really great additions to the already stellar albums from Smock.

Check out a few of the new Smock lovelies:

And, of course, everything is totally customizable (change colors & fonts, play with the design elements, add foil, add back patterning, add folios or sleeves or belly bands or....well the list goes on and on!!). So, each and every one of the designs in their gorgeous albums is just a jumping off point from which we can create something stunning and perfect for YOU!

Call or email to make an appointment to check out the pretty new Smock stars yourself! 

(all photos courtesy of Smock)

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