Monday, January 7, 2013

Process pics: holiday cards

Hi friends! Whitney here wishing you all a happy 2013! I'm not usually a big "new year's resolution" kind of girl but this year Sam and I have some resolutions for the business - one of which is to be better about blogging regularly. We hear it constantly from our fellow wedding, printer and retail vendor friends that one of the hardest parts about running your own business is keeping up with blogging and updating work on the website. It really is one of the most important things but always seems to take a backseat to all of the other daily tasks that continue to pile up!

My hope for 2013 is to share more photos of our custom work with you! This can often be hard as I like to wait until we have professional, styled photos of all of our work, which means you sometimes don't see photos until months (dare I say years?) after the actual pieces were printed and mailed. I've decided that every post doesn't need to be perfectly written with numerous professional photos so I'm going to write more posts that feature some process photos from the press.

Today I thought I'd share pics of some of the holiday cards we designed and printed for Christmas and New Year's:

If you'd like to see daily photos from the press and shop (and a ridiculous amount of photos of the pups and the food we eat:) you should follow us on Instagram! Here are all of our usernames:

Whitney: gusandrubyletterpress
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Liz: paperposydesigns
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Smash: smash13

I'll be back next week to share a beautiful Martha's Vineyard invitation suite from 2011!


  1. Beautiful! And I love your sentiment about deciding every blog post doesn't have to be perfectly written and accompanied by a styled shoot. These pics are gorgeous and we always love hearing from you.

  2. I agree about the posts. Sometimes its more fun and informative to see things "in-progress" to get more of an idea of how you get to that beautiful end product.