Friday, March 15, 2013

easter feaster...

There are many a moment when I feel a touch biased writing blog posts to all of you...  
Especially when it comes to writing about upcoming holidays, like Easter.
Because the truth is that many people don't celebrate Easter.. either because they don't identify with the religious sources from whence the celebration of the day originally stems, or because they believe it's a commercialized holiday "made up" for no other reason than to push consumers to buy.

But then there's me.
I'm the type who wants to talk to you about Easter because I love coloring hard-boiled eggs. They're so pretty. And the sound of the colored discs fizzing in vinegar is one of the best sounds ever.
Plus I work in a stationery shop and am incessantly ordering greeting cards and just can't help myself with the pretty pastel palette that I get to smother the shop in this time of year.
Not to mention, the idea of hunting for chocolate candies in the backyard, and filling little crystal dishes with Pectin jelly beans just really does it for me.

When I think of Easter, I think of my family together at my gram's, taking a stroll around the block before the ham comes out of the oven... smelling the crisp breeze and wearing floral patterned socks with chartreuse flats, proudly.
I also think about my Mom toasting up coconut to put on her bunny cake - which is SUPREMELY delicious (**and I will have to remind her to make gluten free this year!)

So I guess I'm asking for you to take that all into consideration as you read the following:

We're 2 weeks from Easter Sunday and I'm all jazzed up deciding which cards I'm going to send to who. (I know you all agree, handwritten cards sent in the mail are the bomb.)

I don't want you to forget, if you do like to send Easter cards, that they're here and ready for ya.
And, if you're not into the Easter card thing, no worries... we don't judge. We have all sorts of other great cards that you could write to the people you love instead. I'll even share some jelly beans if you want a sweet little treat.

(photos courtesy of Rifle Paper Co., Farewell Paperie & Dee & Lala)

Happy Friday, pals! Here's to you and your lovely memories of Spring -

XO Lizzy

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  1. I was never into sending cards to family for holidays until I got older. I suppose moving 2500 miles away has changed my perspective, huh? lol

    Love the cards. Very cute.