Thursday, March 7, 2013

happy birthday miss. samantha....

Top of the afternoon to you guys and gals!

Today is Thursday - count it - 4th day in the work week which means it's almost the weekend! Woooty woo!!

I am writing today with some fabulous, fun and festive news to share...

And I know, there's been a lot of news around here lately... but this is the good stuff.
The warm and fuzzy stuff.
The stuff that makes me smile to myself, my what a lucky gal I've been to stroll into the good graces of people like Miss. Samantha Finigan.

Today is her birthday.
A big day.
A day that I hope is filled with snuggles with Gus, some cozy soup and a sammie with melted cheese for lunch (because it's FLURRYING here - AGAIN!!!), a big hug and yummy meal tonight with her boy Peter, and little snippets of love and laughter all throughout the day.
Oh wait...
 ... and a ginormous slab of birthday cake.
I wish you the most ginormous slab of cake, Sam.
Notice the use of my word ginormous and slab right there. Twice. Trust me, that's how we roll here at G&R.
None of this "i'll have a sliver of birthday cake" business ;)

I came across Gus & Ruby Letterpress over 4 years ago, now.
It actually was all because of this current customer of ours named Nate who was ranting about how great Sam & Whit's shop was... of course I had to follow up and see what all the hub-bub was about after speaking with him.
Walking into Gus & Ruby Letterpress, I saw Gus bundled up in his bed, and Sam's pretty little self behind the counter and though to myself, "well, isn't this just the sweetest"...
By the time I dove into the greeting card bins and bought myself a few notebooks & candles, I knew that Gus & Ruby so much more than a card shop downtown. I was instantly drawn to the place because of the warmth and love that it was so obvious Sam & Whit put into every last detail of their shop.

Now I sit here, thinking over the birthday's of Sam's that we've celebrated together, feeling so impressed and overwhelmingly proud of the lady that I have the extreme pleasure of working with and calling a dear friend. Her enthusiasm, vigor for exploring the world, kindness and warm heart are all beyond measure.
She also loves treats as much as I do, which is something I love about her SO much... (nearly as much as I love treats!!  just kidding, just kidding ;)
And the laughs we share...
Well, I'm not going to get into the specifics... but let's just say there's always a lot of laughter around here.

I wish I could buy her a pony for her birthday, but that probably isn't going to happen this year.

(I'm sorry Sam, I hope you won't be too disappointed.)

But, I do want to take this moment to wish her (along with Whit, Smash, Laura, Gus & Ruby) an EXTREMELY happy birthday. I am certain that the next 365 will be incredible days for her - full of much success and many incredible memories.

You deserve the brightest in life Sam.
Thank you for being just exactly as sweet and wonderful as you are, always.
Love you forever and happiest of birthday wishes to you! XO

P.S. If you see Sam walking down the street in Portsmouth at any point, I am requiring you to sing to her. Or at least say happy birthday. You know you wanna'!


  1. What a sweet happy post! Full of truth & love <3
    Happy Birthday Sam!

  2. Indeed Sammy is sweet, wonderful, smart, and beautiful inside and out! She is the real thing. Love you Sam and yes a ginormous slab of cake fr sure!