Monday, December 9, 2013

For all those books: Wolfum Bookends

Hey pals!
Happy drizzly, rain, cold, raw, nasty Monday.
What a day, huh?!
How have you been keeping warm and cozy? 

We've been chatting cocoa mugs and peppermint marshmallows all day long trying to keep ourselves cheery and in the spirit (see here) ... oh and there was that bit about fresh, Vermont made maple syrup here . There are just so many great little stocking stuffer goodies this year  at Gus & Ruby Letterpress for those you know with a knack for sweet snaking and breakfast treats! Don't you think?!

Are any of you snuggling up with a good book this afternoon?
If so, I have to admit, this post is all for you! I am over the moon for these beautiful, made-in-California, nod-to-vintage-textile-pattern bookends that we just got in from Wolfum in all sorts of fun animal silhouettes. I first saw these at a lovely little beach-side store in San Diego, and they're honestly so fun that I wish I could get them for everyone on my holiday shopping list this year.

Pick up a single end... or better yet, a pair! For anyone on your list who lives for a good book or who has eclectic taste when it comes to home decor and interior design - these thoughtfully handcrafted pieces are a great gift idea. They could also be such a fun inspiration piece for a future mama- or papa-to-be for a baby nursery or children's bedroom! Each unique book end is just the right size and  comes in a different bright, beautiful pattern - not to mention they're all made from sustainable resources in the U.S.A. What's not to love?


There are only have a handful of patterns still in stock for these pretties, so if you like the idea for someone on your shopping list, don't wait too long to be in touch! 

And happy reading. Snuggling. Cocoa sipping. Grilled-cheese-in-Cauliflower-soup-dipping.
Just have a cozy evening, ok?
Lots of hugs -
XO Lizzy

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