Thursday, November 13, 2014

Homestead Candles

The rustic charm of an old country store, a farmhouse table full of fresh cut flowers, and your linens drying on the clothes line in the warm sun. These Homestead candles are available in 6 wonderful fragrances in two sizes. If you are making out your holiday shopping list,  add the beautiful metal cups wrapped in a cozy cotton bag  are a perfect gift.  

sachet: fresh spring jasmin, dried rose and cattleya orchid

sundry: newly bloomed magnolia with a hint of fresh spring linen

 ambrosia: an organic mix of orange, shredded coconut and a dash of grapefruit

These hammered copper tins will feel right at home in your kitchen. 
Fern: red ginger and ming fern fused with blue lavender

sprig: flowering basil and garden mint with a splash of lemon

 Mahogany: mahogany wood, white musk and a hint of freshly picked freesia

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