Monday, December 8, 2014

2014 Gift Guide: For Friends & Family

To round out our annual holiday Gift Guide, we're talking about the perfect present for that special friend or amazing family in your life that supports you day in and day out. We know you want to gift them something perfect for the whole family to show them just how much they mean to you. So, we set out to fill the shop with fabulous things to make it easy for you to do just that. Here are a few of our favorites to get you inspired, but you know we have SO much more in-store:

1. Chinese checkers ($24)
2. Ceramic wobble planters (set of 3; $34)
3. Hand-dyed dog leash and collar (various colors; $43-$63)
4. Gold-lustered handmade porcelain decanter (various colors/patterns; $68)
5. Pantone mugs (various colors; $17)
6. Sailing ship kite ($44)
7. Plenty More cookbook ($35)
8. Foodie Dice tumbler set ($38)
9. Single-origin tea & raw honey ($15-$17)

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