Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Festive Mini Wreaths

Is it just us or is anyone else in the DIY craft mode this time of year? Are your floors covered in glitter and paper scraps, too? We completely understand. Our hearts go pitter patter at the sight of any handmade details that are easy to make and don't end up breaking the bank. One particular crafty detail we're coveting right now is the mini wreath idea, perfect for your holiday decor or even a winter wedding!

You can find a tutorial for these sweet wreaths right here. We love the idea of gathering several different sprigs to use for your wreaths and then adding little embellishments like berries and simple twine.

 (photo above courtesy of The Sweetest Occasion)

Imagine creating a festive escort card display with the mini wreaths for a wedding! You could tuck the names in amongst the needles as shown below or create a little tag and tie it around the top of the wreath. Super easy and super darling!

(photo above courtesy of Spoon Fork Bacon)

Extra points if you have the mini wreaths double as wedding favors. Not only are they a nice handmade gift but they're also adorable to hang in your window or on your mantle to display all winter long! A win win in our book.

(photo above courtesy of Martha Stewart)

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