Friday, May 22, 2009


Picture me in a small, soundproof, window-less room with a plush couch and a boom mic and a camera that rolls 24/7 all by itself. You've all watched MTV's Real World - so this should not be a difficult thing to envision.

Paper Hounds' Confessional:
1.) We know. We know. We haven't been doing a good job posting pictures/stories about our custom work (*cough* *cough* -the true essence of Gus & Ruby). We're making it, clients are loving it and we're still not sharing it. Unfair, right? Well listen, pals, we are sorry. We really truly plan to write up some whiz-bang posts. It's just we need to do photo shoots of all the work and, well, frankly, it just keeps getting pushed down on the massive to-do list. But - girl scouts'* promise - we'll get to it before the official start of Summer. Deal? Deal.

2.) My nickname for Whitney is Whiz. It provides me an endless source for catchy names and phrases. You're a real design Whiz! Nobody beats the Whiz! Whiz on over here and bring me an iced coffee. Oh man - she loves it. I think.

3.) Whitney calls me Ham. I actually kind of like it. Is that weird?

4.) I still get seating cards and escort cards mixed up. Whitney does not. Good thing she's around.

5.) We really, really love what we do. Really.

Phew! I feel better already.

*You should know - both Whitney and I (separately - long before we met) quit the Girl Scouts after about a week. Whitney because she doesn't really like girls (kid-Whit was a tomboy!) and me because we painted our nails with clear polish (Lame! What's the point?) and they canceled the annual sleep-over at the Museum of Science in Boston (really the only thing I wanted to do). This promise, thus, is null-and-void.

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