Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Exhausted. Excited. Inspired.

(Photo courtesy of: Simple + Pretty)

Wow! Big time WOW. NSS was truly amazing. So many incredible designs and wonderful people. Absolutely adored chatting with the gals from Two Trick Pony. I'm a sucker for ponies, their adorable puppy-dog cards and hearty New England stationers.

And how about the girls from Sugar Paper? Could they have made a better-looking and nicer crew? And their booth!? I melted it was so beautiful.

Also - totally loving Paper Medium! Those little monsters are sweet and hilarious. Thanks to Simple + Pretty for taking such great photos of the show and having a completely awesome blog.

Sigh - so many inspirations and new paper obsessions. I'd say NSS #1 was a success. Hooray! Congratulations and thanks to all we met and chatted with - we can't wait to be in touch!

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