Friday, July 24, 2009


In lieu of actual shots from our store (since things are so all over the place here) I've decided to show you our 3 inspiration boards for decking this place out. This could get me into trouble since neither Sam nor I kept good tabs on where we screen-grabbed these shots from. If you see one of your own or know who to credit on these please let us know. We created these without ever intending to show them to anyone. I'll do my best. Enjoy!
{Row 1: Mothology, Martha Stewart, Pica Press, unknown}
{Row 2: unknown, Mothology, unknown}
{Row 3: Mothology, unknown, Mothology, Style Me Pretty, Unknown}

{Row 1: Letteria, unknown, Cotton Idea Studio}
{Row 2: unknown, unknown, Letteria}
{Row 3: Elum, Mac & Murphy, Pica Press, unknown}

{Row 1: uknown,unknown, Design Sponge, Urbanic}
{Row 2: Design Sponge,unknown, Mothology, unknown}
{Row 3: unknown, Eames, unknown}

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