Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Workin' like a dog

Hi friends. As per usual we apologize for the lack of posts. We know we know. We should be taking before and after shots of everything we're working on and constantly be blogging about our progress. But then how would we get anything done? We just left the store after an evening of priming. A bit of paint tomorrow along with 100 other items. We promise we will post some shots soon. Perhaps a pic of our sunny yellow office? Or a shot of our gorgeous (engagement ring gorgeous) new 20" iMac? Or a snapshot of Gus passed out under Sam's desk? In the meantime feast your eyes on our amazing photo shoot from a few weeks ago with our fave photographer ever, Emilie Sommer of Emilie, Inc. She rocks. Almost as much as our iMac rocks. And that's saying something.

{Samantha and Whitney}

{Ruby and Gus. Seriously, what is he doing here?}

{A couple of losers)

View more of our fun shoot and all of Emilie's amazing work (including a ton of beautiful New England weddings) right here.


  1. So eager to see your progress, but happy my images can be used as a placeholder on the blog until you start revealing your awesome space! xo

  2. Gorgeous portraits! Hope the shop is coming along swimmingly too. ;)