Friday, July 17, 2009

Packing professionals

Our unweildy flat cart. Ikea said the cart could only hold 346 lbs. We beg to differ - try closer to 800 lbs! Woot woot! Total rebels.

A cart full of picture ledges, lights, legs, industrial rods and other general miscellany. Including a curious porcelain milk jug!

It's official, we're pretty much packing professionals. Packing the Jeep like a puzzle and cramming items into every available space? No sweat. Tying a 200 LB table to the roof using tie-downs and bungee cords? Easy. All done by two small-ish gals wearing flip flops and without any outside help? You betcha!

After a hugely successful Ikea trip exactly one week ago, Whitney and I have been working away in the store.

Here's what's happened so far:
1. Office was spackled, sanded, primed and painted. We now have a cheery cheery workspace in the back of the store.
2. Giant mirrors embedded in the walls were taken down (which was a frightening process - complete with a construction worker's gouged and bloody arm. yikes!)
3. Walls were demo'd and new sheet-rock put up.
4. Desks and some shelving was assembled and installed.
5. Fabric was chosen for window seats, bathroom curtains and sink curtain.
6. Internet and phone service was installed and is active.

Here's what still needs to happen:
1. Everything else!

EEEP! No worries, though. We're getting there, slowly but surely. It's like Christmas every afternoon when UPS and FedEx show up. Whit and I clamor for the scissors to open packages of amazing goodies. I tell you - it's taken a lot of willpower for us not to just hoard these products ourselves.

Have I mentioned that we are working with the absolute most wonderful vendors and artists around? I am truly blown away by the work these fab people are putting out. Major kudos to all of them. Can't wait to show photos of the goodies and highlight our amazing vendors once the store is ready for her close up.

Hugs for the weekend!
Great job packin' the car like pros! A+ for tying the table to the roof all by ourselves!

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  1. Please bring me on your next road trip. Or at least to the store sometime soon. I feel left out.