Friday, August 19, 2011

Lots to go over....

Hey there folks... we've got some things to talk about today.

These things that I think we should talk about - they're super gorgeous and terribly beautiful and make me wanna write long letters and keeps journals of all of my lovely thoughts.

These things - they're stationery related. Big surprise right?!
I knew you'd be shocked :)

This lovely lady here is Miss. Anna Bond.

Her lovely little biz (if you really could call it little :) is based down in Winter Park, Florida. It's where she paints - where she dreams - and where she and her helpful hubby have developed and designed a phenominal stationery line. Hers are some of the most beautiful and whimsical notecards and custom invitations I've ever laid eyes on. I love her work. Love. Love. Love.

You can watch a little video of her working hard at Pacing The Panic Room:

What always impresses me about Rifle Paper is how perfectly curated each design is. Every greeting card and print is unique, but they all have a painterly quality because that's where the designs begin. Anna's work has traveled from blog to blog, all the way to the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings and back - and we are really proud to have her goodies here at the shop. Check out some of her newer designs, that we just received in store :) And come check them out in person. Seriously. They're RIDIC.

Yes. Those are our first calendars of the season you see there folks :) They're ready and waiting for good homes.

And, yes. Those are foil stamped, floral notebooks for all of your journaling needs... and you know you've got some journaling needs... especially now that the summer's winding down and you want to record all of your fun adventures and get geared up for school to start in a few weeks.

Thanks for listening, and thank you to Rifle Paper Company for all of the BEAUTIFUL inspiration this week. Getting our stationery order in from NSS was such fun!!

Lots of love,

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