Thursday, August 11, 2011


For those of you who have worked with us before, you probably got tired of my incessant proofreading-reminders. It feels like every email I write includes the line "Please proofread VERY carefully (double check all spelling, dates, times, addresses, grammar, punctuation and specs); your approval on a proof means that you accept responsibility for any mistakes you may have missed." While I may say it over and over again, it really does bear repeating.

Proofreading is a VERY important part of the proof process when you are ordering custom stationery and invitations. While designers and stationers do their very best to catch glaring mistakes, proofreading is ultimately the responsibility of the customer/client because only you know exactly how to spell Grandma's name or the address of your Aunt Carol's house. Because it is your responsibility to proofread, it is imperative that you attack this job with focus and eagle-eyes. Here are some of our best proofreading tips:

1. Print out the invitation/stationery and read through with a pen or pencil touching each word so that you focus on each letter/word as you check for spelling errors. It's amazing how your brain can fill in letters or fix spelling errors when you know what it's supposed to say.
2. Have someone not connected to the wedding read through the invitations. People who don't have preconceived notions of content often catch errors that you may not.
3. Read through the invitation out loud - sometimes hearing things can help identify a syntax or content mistake.
4. Use a blank sheet of paper to cover the material not yet proofed so that you focus on just the words in front of you rather than skipping ahead.
5. Have someone who IS connected with the wedding spell check all names and dates. Grandpa Hector won't be happy if you have him listed as Heckter!

We often urge people to proofread a couple of times at different times of the day. Don't rush through this in an effort to get proofs approved; the last thing you want it is to get your invitations, discover a mistake and then have to have the whole suite reprinted at your cost.

And, as always, having a trusted stationer in your corner is a great help. They will remind you to proofread and will offer tips and advice about how to best navigate the ordering and proofing process.

Happy spell-checking!

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  1. I'm pretty sure you can never have too many posts on proofreading. Thanks for the reminder!